Ground School

Ground School

When embarking on your PPL(H) journey, many of our students find the most daunting part of the training lies in the written element… THE EXAMS! There are 9 written (multiple-choice) exams that you must pass and a final skills test before your PPL(H) License can be issued.

Ground School is a requirement of the PPL(H) training where a recommended minimum of 100 hours theory is needed alongside your flying time to complete your training. You can of course study completely solo but most of our students opt for a little bit of help from their instructor.

We offer One-to-One tuition or a FREE bi-weekly group sessions. One-to-One Ground School is popular for those who find it tough to get motivated to study alone or have specific areas of the syllabus they would like to focus on. Our FREE evening Ground School was devised by Capt. Paul White as he realised that by simply learning in a group it reduces the pressure of studying. These group sessions are also a great opportunity to get advice, guidance and support from students past, present and even future and therefore makes the theory more manageable, more enjoyable and a far less challenging task!

Theoretical Exams

Air Law

Operational Procedures

Helicopter General Knowledge

Principles of Flight



Flight Performance & Planning

Human Performance & Limitations

Radio Telephony

Need a little extra help with your theoretical knowledge? Then you could benefit from our One-to-One Ground School.

These personalised sessions allow you to choose the topic you would like to focus on or you can be guided by your instructor as to where there maybe gaps in your knowledge. Tap into your instructor’s wealth of experience and expertise in tailoring the tuition to suit you and make it easier to retain the information. Together you can build a plan for learning and create a schedule. Whether it’s a one off session prior to an exam or a complete course we can help.

To book a One-to-One ground school lesson with one of our instructors email or call 0207 118 8998

I’m sure most of you will understand the concept of One-to-One ground schooling but perhaps less so our FREE ground school evenings. So, here’s an idea of what you’ve been missing! They’re a great way of bringing all our students, past, present and even potential pilots together and talk all things Helicopters! Each session we choose a topic from the PPL(H) theoretical knowledge syllabus and through a combination of group discussion, videos and handouts all helped by a slice of pizza, these group sessions are a brilliant way to learn; more relaxed, less pressured and gives you the opportunity to bounce ideas of each other. Many of our students continue to come along once they have passed and share the benefits of their wisdom and spend time with people who love helicopters as much as they do!

FREE Evening Ground School is run bi-weekly on Tuesday from 18:00 – 20:00 if you would like to be added to the ground school invitation list or would like more information please email

Due to the government guidelines regarding social distancing and subsequent lock down to prevent the spread of COVID-19 we have suspended our flight training and that includes both our One-to-One and our FREE Evening Ground School.

Well we are nothing if not resourceful and by the magic of the internet we are able to offer all our students and flying family VIRTUAL GROUND SCHOOL!  This re-imagined ground school is available either as One-to-One for those currently training and have specific areas of the course they need help with or alternatively as a group session which is designed for all. Whether you are training, would like to keep your PPL(H) skills fresh or just love helicopters this FREE bi-weekly session is an opportunity to enjoy a couple of hours of pilot chat and all things Rotor-related.

To facilitate this exciting new way to deliver Ground School we will be using ‘ZOOM’ which is a video conferencing tool available for your phone, iPad or computer.

To get an idea for how it all works please head over to our dedicated Virtual Ground School page. If you have any further questions please call or email

Fun, free pilot training from the comfort of your home!

“Well we are nothing if not resourceful and by the magic of the internet we are able to offer all our students and flying family VIRTUAL GROUND SCHOOL!  This re-imagined ground school is available either One to One or as a group every Tuesday evening for all those who want to focus on their studies, keep their PPL(H) skills fresh or simply just to talk to a fellow helicopter enthusiasts for as long as it takes to get back in the skies”