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Flying Pig ‘Do Breakfast’ : Successful 1st networking event paves the way for more

Our inaugural ‘Flying Pig Breakfast Club’ a networking event for business owners, entrepreneurs, executives and self-employed was held on Thursday last week. It was a small gathering but plenty of industry diversity present; Unsurprisingly Aviation, Locksmiths, Counselling, IT, Telecommunications, Cleaning, a Business Coach and a London Cabbie! Staff from our Marketing, Admin and Operations departments…
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Spring Success at Saturday’s Open Day

Last Saturday we held our 6th Annual PPL(H) Open Day and what a fantastic day it turned out to be! With perfect flying conditions we managed to meet and greet many new budding pilots, eager to know more about learning to fly. All four helicopters had their moment in the spotlight throughout the day, with…
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The Secret of Triumph is Perseverance – Perseverance is the key to success when working towards your PPL

There are many major landmarks to celebrate throughout training – hovering unaided, first solo, first cross country flight, qualifying cross country, exam passes and finally your license skills test. Some milestones, like your LST, require build up and lots of preparation but some, like hovering just click into place with practice. All are great achievements…
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