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“Feel like flying by yourself today?” – Going solo for the first time

I still remember my first solo as if it were yesterday. It is such an achievement that I don’t think it’s something that will ever be forgotten. I had some idea on the day that it might happen as I’d been practicing circuits on the previous few lessons with my instructors, but this wasn’t confirmed…
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Capt. Neil’s Flying Days: Zero to Hero – Going Solo for the First Time

I remember my first flight in a helicopter like it was yesterday.  The Robinson R22 was the training school's primary machine and they operated 4 of them at that time.  I was introduced to my instructor and given a comprehensive briefing about how all the controls worked and of course how to remain safe during…
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Going Solo – the Ups and Downs of learning how to hover

Following last weeks blog about how she became interested in flying helicopters, Capt. Naomi returns this week, talking about the very beginning of her training. Once I had started training, I of course wanted to be in the helicopter 24/7! Unfortunately with the thrill of flying comes the need for knowledge, so I set about…
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