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Spring Success at Saturday’s Open Day

Last Saturday we held our 6th Annual PPL(H) Open Day and what a fantastic day it turned out to be! With perfect flying conditions we managed to meet and greet many new budding pilots, eager to know more about learning to fly. All four helicopters had their moment in the spotlight throughout the day, with…
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Hey Mr Robinson won’t you fly for me – Taking a closer look at the R22 and R44

Often when looking at which helicopter to start flight training in, 3 helicopters are among the most popular – Cabri G2, R44, and R22.  With over 10,000 having been produced since 1979, today I wanted to take a closer look at deciding between 2 of them - the Robinson R22 & R44 - as both…
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Cabri Day

Last year when we received our first Guimbal Cabri G2 we celebrated by hosting an open day  so we could not think of any better way to celebrate the arrival of our second. There was food, fun and flying. We offered trial lessons all day at a special rate to give an opportunity to pilots, students…
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