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Choosing your instructor – Finding your perfect flying partner

Having looked at what it takes to add it to your licence, this week I wanted to ask what is it that actually makes a good Flight Instructor? Experience? Qualifications? Knowledge? Patience? Personally I did discover that one instructor who really understood my motivation and who I learnt the most from, but I was also…
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Time flies – hour building after ppl

So far we have discussed a lot of the opportunities available after gaining your PPL, including career vs hobby, type conversions and Self Fly Hire. In this post I will be taking a look at the pathway to many of these options – hour building. Building your hours is a great way to increase your…
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Flying is not just for boys

This month saw the arrival of Capt. Naomi, our new Flying Instructor. The following blog post is Naomi's story of how she became interested in learning to fly. Flying was always in the back of my mind as a hobby but it always felt so unachievable. However when my parents relocated to the USA, it seemed…
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