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Feeling ‘swamped’ by CPL course? – Top tips from Capt. Peter Wiuff on how to cope with your commercial exams

The PPL had been conquered and we were given a week off. Not a week of relaxing in the warm Florida sun but a week of preparing for the first sets of EASA CPL Exams. It was 7 Exams out of a total of 14. The pressure was on but the thing that helped me…
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‘Higher education’ – How to study smarter for your CPL exams

Last week I looked at hour and training requirements for gaining your Commercial Pilots License. We saw to gain your CPL, there are, among other things, theoretical examinations that need to be passed. For some these exams can be quite daunting, so I wanted to take a closer look at what is involved in the…
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CPL – Flying for a Living

Once you have gained your PPL(H) perhaps you are now considering flying as a career rather than hobby (see previous blog), your first step will be to start hour building and looking to commence training for your Commercial Helicopter License or CPL(H). Already holding a PPL(H) means you will need to undertake what is known…
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