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Day 4 aka The BIG one – Looking for Mountains, Monsters, Wizards and so many bridges!

DAY FOUR – Distance approx. 500 nautical miles (5-6 hours flying time) Day 4 was a BIG day, we had to cover over 500 nautical miles! It was set to be a long but exciting day for the all pilots. It was an early start at Warwick Hall and after a super breakfast, it was…
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Introducing Capt. Peter Wiuff – My inspiration for learning to fly helicopters

My dad has always told me inspiring stories from his time in the army flying helicopters. He flew in the OH-6 Cayuse on a various amount of missions such as searching for people, NOE flying (Nap Of the Earth), and insertion of troops on rooftops. These stories were and still are very inspiring to me…
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Become a Captain – Passing your PPL(H)

Once you have all the required experience, have passed the theoretical exams, (as well as the radiotelephony test) and your flying is up to a good proficiency, the final hurdle is passing a Skills Test with an Examiner. The aim of test is for you to demonstrate that you can act competently as Pilot in…
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