Start Your Turbine Adventure in an R66 Helicopter – The Rolls Royce of the Family Robinson

Start Your Turbine Adventure in an R66 Helicopter – The Rolls Royce of the Family Robinson

First certified by the FAA in 2010 and 4 years later by EASA in 2014, Robinson has now built around 750 R66 helicopters selling them all over the world. With an R66 joining our fleet shortly we wanted to take a closer look at the Robinson R66 and see what all the fuss is about.

From the outside it looks pretty similar to the R44, albeit a slightly wider and taller version, but inside the R66 boasts five seats compared to the R44’s four. It has hydraulic controls, can be installed with the latest technology including autopilot/SAS, glass cockpit, has a new baggage area which can hold up to 300lbs sitting just behind the rear seats which can be easily accessed, and of course features the T-bar cyclic that is now synonymous with Robinson helicopters.

The biggest difference is its turbine engine which is a Rolls Royce RR300 turboshaft operating on Jet A fuel.  The engine itself is extremely light weighing less than 210lbs – half the weight of the IO-540 Lycoming engine which is installed in a R44 Raven 2! In terms of power it can provide up to 270 horsepower, compared with 245 in the R44. The aircraft itself is also much lighter (around 200lbs less) and can carry an extra 200lbs more than a Raven 2. Its fuel capacity is 73.6 US gallons (280 litres) and it burns around 23 per hour giving it a range similar to the R44, (however Robinson can provide an additional 43-gallon tank to increase this). Overall the R66 has more power, can carry more weight/passengers and operates better at higher altitudes when compared with an R44.

It seems that the R66 is a combination of the success and familiarity of the R44 with some clear improvements, and if you want to step away from piston engine helicopters into the turbine world, the R66 is a great place to start.

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