Spring Success at Saturday’s Open Day

Spring Success at Saturday’s Open Day

Last Saturday we held our 6th Annual PPL(H) Open Day and what a fantastic day it turned out to be! With perfect flying conditions we managed to meet and greet many new budding pilots, eager to know more about learning to fly.

All four helicopters had their moment in the spotlight throughout the day, with trial lessons taking place in the Guimbal Cabri G2 and all three Robinsons; R22, R44 and R66. Unsurprisingly, the Cabri G2 and the Robinson R66 pulled the biggest crowds, with students opting for style, stability and power for their training.

Company Founder and Head of Training Paul White was accompanied by Flight Instructors and Examiners Phill Speechley and Neil Day who collectively flew twelve separate lessons and discussed PPL(H) courses with about fifty new faces throughout the day.

Capt. White said this was one of the most successful Open Days the school had held “and was delighted with our two new students who signed up right after their initial trial lessons in the R66 and Cabri.”

“This now totals six new students who have singed up in the last month alone which is a fabulous start to the year.”

Training Liaison Manager, Harriet was equally as thrilled saying, “Our biannual Open Day was super busy, the sun made an appearance and we had two new students join our flying family, making 6 would-be Captains in the last month – Spring always brings new life and it has certainly given these budding pilots a new lease of life!”

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