Droning on About Safety – Encouraging Education and Regulation for Drones

Droning on About Safety – Encouraging Education and Regulation for Drones

Drones are becoming more and more popular in our society for many reasons; mainly because the technology is advancing and they are cheaper to buy. Getting movie shots of your house or getting a fly-over shot of yourself out in the landscape has seemed only possible if you knew someone with a helicopter or a fair amount of money to spare!

A drone with a good camera mounted on it is now within a price range of less than £1000 which has only become possible within the last 5 years or so. This means that a lot of drones are now potentially flying around in the same airspace as many other commercial and general aviation aircraft as well, which of course creates a safety risk in terms of collision. I believe the fast advancement of drones did surprise the authorities so it has taken some time for proper regulations to come out and drone users were not really aware of where they could and could not fly until fairly recently.

Regulations have now come into place and we are just in a period where we have to promote these regulations, but as we know, just as we have speed limits on the roads, people are still speeding! There are of course still people that will break these drone regulations, but at the moment it seems as though it happens too often; we hear frequently about drones flying into controlled airspace etc. This can cause major disturbances to airports and cost a lot of money for airline companies that have planes that are now being redirected because of the presence of drones. The video below is a good example of this:

Here at Flying Pig we are big fans of drones and do not believe in more regulation, just more education and awareness about the hazards. The link below is a great official source for the rules regarding drones here in the UK:


Recently, we teamed up with Dragonfly UAV Technologies to shoot some promotional footage for our website using drones and the results have been incredible! Check out the preview below and look out for much more to be revealed in the near future!

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