What is the Role of Ground Crew? Dedicated to Keeping You Safe Before & After Your Flight!

What is the Role of Ground Crew? Dedicated to Keeping You Safe Before & After Your Flight!

Behind every successful flying school there are hard-working Ground Crew dedicated to the safety of everyone that walks through the door.

Ground Handlers in particular carry some of the heavy responsibilities as they escort first-time-flyers airside and conduct changeovers with the rotors running!

Ground Handling is predominantly about three things:

The first (and most important) task in hand for a Ground Handler is to keep everyone safe whilst airside and around the helicopter.

The second is making sure everyone is having fun in between briefings and flying!

It’s not always an easy combination – during the initial briefing (which is also conducted by the Ground Handler) the correct health and safety procedures for the experience must be explained fully and firmly to make sure everyone understands and follows them throughout the experience.

Similarly, the Ground Handler is your first point of contact during your time with us so personality, patience and energy are pivotal to the overall success of our experience! Some days you will find the Ground Handler consoling someone very nervous before they fly or explaining the ins and outs of the PPL(H) course to a potential new student fresh off the helipad! The next you’ll find them with a fresh set of excited faces ready to make dreams come true all over again!

And finally, the Ground Handler acts as professional memory-maker for all those flying with us as they take their photographs during the airside briefing, the first lift and as you come in to land! Everyone is sure to have lasting memories to take away and cherish forever.

Like the glue that holds the whole experience together, everything from timing to photography, comfort to safety falls into the remit of the Ground Handler!

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