Made to measure – Your perfect fit flying school

Made to measure – Your perfect fit flying school

There’s always talk about choosing the right flight school for you when deciding to begin flight training;

There’s always talk about choosing the right flight school for you when deciding to begin flight training; making sure the school, the people, the helicopters, and the course are right for you. But how do we, the school, tailor ourselves to you?

Of course not everyone is the same – we all have different backgrounds, different styles, and different personalities. We all learn differently, have had different experiences with education and have our own skill sets. So teaching a wide variety of people to fly seems like an impossible task, doesn’t it?

Despite all of the variants I mentioned above, there are certain assumptions we can make about how we as humans learn. As a general rule everyone learns through doing, and with positive things in place students will be motivated to learn more easily. We as instructors are here to help pilots learn through experience.

Although the building blocks are usually similar for most people, we still need to understand our student’s motivations, their goals, and take time to understand their circumstances. Many things can negatively affect training, for example work stresses or family issues. The main motivation for us is the importance of having things taught right the first time as we can all appreciate how hard it is to unlearn habits; to stop biting your nails, to first learn to use a different phone or computer or to even drive a manual car after using an automatic. This is the same for learning fly. No matter how long it takes for someone to master a skill or manoeuvre, it is most important that they are shown it correctly in the first instance, kept informed of their progress, and encouraged to ask questions.

Tailoring the PPL(H) course to our individual students  is a necessity of flight training. Some students pass their PPL in 6 months others take several years.  If we are moving too fast the student may become disillusioned; too slow and they may become irritated at their lack of progress. Some need a push to do their exams due to lack of confidence; others are hitting the books from the beginning and ready to take their exams quickly. Much depends on availability and budget more than ability but our priority is always to train safe pilots however long that may take or how many different training techniques we need to try. Constantly talking to our students and taking the time to understand their circumstances helps us to try and achieve this.

Never be put off flying by a bad experience elsewhere be it an instructor or school. As a family run flying school we welcome you to join our flying family and offer support throughout your time here with us from trial lesson to self fly hire and beyond!

If you’re interested in learning more about the fundamentals of instruction or just would like to understand how people learn best in flight training, EHEST (The European Helicopter Safety Team) produce a great document  called ‘Helicopter Flight Instructor Manual’ which can be found here –

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