Live the Dream, Fly Helicopters – PPL Open Day 24th March 2018

Live the Dream, Fly Helicopters – PPL Open Day 24th March 2018

Last week I spoke about introducing your Mum to helicopter flying, but what if it’s you that is serious about learning to fly?

Let’s assume that you have already weighed up your options and pretty much decided that you do want to go ahead and start, but now you are hit with lots of decisions to make. Which school? What location? Which helicopter?

When considering your training, it’s important to visit lots of schools, talk with lots of training liaisons and flight instructors and maybe even take a few intro flights in different helicopters. Undertaking flight training is a big expense so you need to make sure that the school, environment and people are the right fit for you.  Sometimes it’s easy to make these decisions, especially if it all just ‘feels’ right. Make sure you still do your due diligence on what training will involve to save anything unexpected later on.

At this stage it’s really worth thinking about what you intend to do with your licence when you get it. Are you going to fly for fun with friends and family? Are you thinking of buying a helicopter? Are you hoping to take your training on to a commercial level? All of these things can influence all of those questions you were asking yourself earlier.

If you are considering Flying Pig Helicopters –a great opportunity to discover a school is through an Open Day. Often schools offer one off rates for these days and they are good chances to see what a school is about, meet all the team and have a discounted flight in the helicopter you are considering.

We are holding our first Open Day of the year on Saturday 24th March so why not come along?

For more information and to let us know you’re thinking of attending give us a call and speak with our dedicated Training Liaison, Harriet.

Why not come along, information below:

In April this year we held a PPL(H) Open Day, a chance for all those budding pilots out there to come along and see whether they could turn dream to reality. This was a huge success with some signing up to one of our PPL(H) training programmes on the day so we have decided to hold another!

Throughout the day you will have the opportunity to take advantage of our discounted trial lessons, discuss PPL(H) training with our instructors, pilots and students and to look around the flying school. You will also be able to take a ‘tour’ around our fleet and discover what makes Flying Pig/Elstree Helicopters such a popular choice when learning to fly.

There will be plenty of food, fun and flying on the day and as a family run flying school we understand the importance of spending time with your loved ones so please bring your family/friends along to enjoy the day with you.

DISCOUNTS will be given on ALL on pre-booked trial lessons in ALL types (R22, R44 and Cabri G2) flown on the day!

So now is the perfect time to make the best decision of your life and live the dream, take to the skies and learn to fly!

For more information on discounts or to RSVP please contact Harriet or call 0208 099 7766

Looking forward to flying with you soon!

Capt. Paul White

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