Flying trial lessons – The thrill of customers flying a helicopter for the first time!

Flying trial lessons – The thrill of customers flying a helicopter for the first time!

As it’s coming up to that time of year and we’ve just launched our Christmas offers, this week’s blog post is all about what it’s like to fly one of our trial lessons. We offer something a little bit different from your average helicopter tour as our experience gives you the chance to have a go at actually flying the helicopter!

A typical trial lesson experience day is run in sessions, and will start off with a safety briefing. Then our customers get the chance to meet the helicopter they will be flying in, and as safety is most important during this process, our ground handler will run everyone through how to climb in and out of the aircraft and where to stand so they can remain safe at all times.

Once the pictures and safety talks have been completed, it’s time for the first flight to commence…

Personally, I really enjoy the first lift of the helicopter as often this is the part people least expect. With most people only ever experiencing take-offs in commercial airliners, the departure of a helicopter is much smoother in comparison!

When airborne and at a safe altitude, the customer sat at the controls of the aircraft will get a go. The most important thing to remember when flying a helicopter is to be very relaxed on the controls, (no white knuckle grips if you can help it!) as the aircraft is very responsive to our inputs. As the flight continues around the local area, your pilot will probably point out some of the sights nearby, and on a clear day we can get views on Warner Brother Studios, the Arsenal training ground in London Colney, and even the Shard!

Upon landing, we sometimes offer the chance to have a go at hovering the helicopter which is notoriously difficult. This is a fun part for me also; it’s interesting to see how different people find the challenge.

With everything completed, I like hearing about how people have found the flight, especially if it’s their first time in a helicopter. More often than not, customers find it to very different to their initial expectation. Apart from the actual flying, this is the best part –it’s really great to hear that people have had an enjoyable experience with us!

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