Time flies – hour building after ppl

Time flies – hour building after ppl

So far we have discussed a lot of the opportunities available after gaining your PPL, including career vs hobby, type conversions and Self Fly Hire. In this post I will be taking a look at the pathway to many of these options – hour building.

Building your hours is a great way to increase your confidence in the helicopter, keep your skills current and really utilise the license that you have achieved. There are also often many individual goals to contend with when it comes to this topic and so it is perhaps a good idea to plan out how many hours you want/need to build and what you want to achieve during them.

One of the most common techniques is to undertake longer cross country trips. This can be a very fun and challenging way to spend the time and it means that you will get to experience areas and airspace that you have not been to before. Depending on where you completed your flight training, it can be a good idea to spend some time using different ATC services, flying around diverse terrain, and even as I spoke about before, experience different helicopters.

Another way is to treat your family and friends to day trips and to challenge yourself by flying to sites you perhaps didn’t use during your training. With this use of time it is worthwhile flying familiar routes first and then slowly expanding your skills to unfamiliar airports/areas, or even visiting a site for the first time with an instructor on board.

If you feel that you have a goal you want to work towards in terms of hours or licenses, it is worth discussing with your flight school if they have any hour building packages as often if you book in blocks you may get a discounted rate.

Whatever your long term goal and however you choose to do it, hour building can be extremely fun and educational for you as a pilot, why not use it as an opportunity to expand your flying horizons.

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